Membership Perks: Shameless Self-Promotion

Why It Is GREAT to Belong to the WCYR!

By: Linda Francis

Did you ever wonder why it’s a great idea to join the Writers’ Community of York Region (WCYR)? Well, there’s a whole list of reasons!

How about: the ability to promote yourself on the WCYR website!

You heard that right: promote yourself on…the…website. Through our Facebook page. Through our Twitter feed.

People follow the WCYR. Let them follow you, too!

What do you know about yourself or an accomplishment that you would like to share? If you share it with us, you’ll share it with a lot of other people who are interested and will support you and your goals. You’ll reach the membership and everyone who visits us.

You know that book launch you have coming up? Don’t keep it to yourself – tell us about it!

Do you have a poster or Facebook event listing? Well, send it our way with a short blurb and share your success with us.

Are you holding a writers’ retreat or giving a workshop on craft? We want to know! We’ll help you put bottoms in chairs and spread the word to help you out.

Do you freelance edit or offer graphic design for authors? Share the love and send us a short write up of how you can work with our members to bring their projects to life.

Are you planning on a pop-up book sale at a local bookstore and want everyone to know about it? Then tell us so we can help you spread the work, and boost your sales!

There’s nothing wrong with a little shameless self-promotion! In fact, there is a lot of great in it. Let us help you help yourself.

This is one way it’s great to be a WCYR member!

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Kim McDougall
5 years ago

Thanks Linda! It’s all about authors helping authors!