Volunteer With Us: Newsletter Manager

Would You Like to Help Us Get the Word Out?

By: Loni Cameron

It takes a lot of wonderfully dedicated and creative people to run the WCYR. Our latest open volunteer position is our Newsletter Manager. As our current Newsletter Manager will be stepping down, we are looking for someone to step up.

This position is open to any member of the WCYR.

The Newsletter Manager puts together a weekly email that highlights upcoming seminars, workshops, member announcements, library announcements, contest listings, etc. Many of the articles will include links to updates made to the Easy Writer Blog, social media, and writerly wesbites. Various members contribute information to the newsletter but mostly the job consists of an hour’s dedicated time each week (max) to cut and paste information from emails received via a WCYR email into the newsletter program.

Both members and non-members receive our weekly informative updates. It connects and directs the community, and is therefore a vital tool for all of us.

The Newsletter Manager is a Member-at-Large position. As a “thank you” for the time commitment of this position, the Newsletter Manager receives a free membership after six months of service.

This is a great opportunity for you to gain some amazing experience working with a professional organization. You can utilize your skills to help out the organization and its members. And volunteering in this position allows you to have a valuable new item for your résumé under “Volunteer Experience”. We operate our newsletter via MailChimp. Don’t worry if you’ve never worked with this program before, it has an easy learning curve.

We would like to fill this position as soon as possible, so please do not hesitate to show your interest. Please contact MJ Moores at administration@infinite-pathways.org or Linda Francis at devonshire_sunsets@live.ca.

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When Loni isn't reading other people's words or running around after her two young children, she spends time writing stories of her own. She finds inspiration in the little things, but also in momentous events. Loni currently resides in York Region. Twitter: @LoniStorm Instagram: loni_storm Facebook: @LoniCameronWriter

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