Web3 with Maaja Wentz

Maaja Wentz took us on a journey through artificial intelligence (AI) and Web3, and what those changes could mean for writers, in the December 1st member-run workshop.

Before we began, Board Chair Mit Gopaul welcomed attendees and sent out an open call. The WCYR is looking for presenters at all levels. Whether it’s your first presentation or your 100th, the WCYR will help you succeed. Please send us a message and let us know if you are interested. You can leave a comment below, email us, or fill out the contact form.

Maaja began with outlining how her presentation would proceed so we would all know what we’d be getting into: nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and Smart Contract; AI text generation; AI art for writers; and should you make an NFT? Many people find these topics confusing. Maaja explained them clearly and we learned how these technologies could benefit us as writers.

At the beginning of the presentation, Maaja gave us the clearest explanation of an NFT that I’ve ever heard. An NFT is like the certificate for a painting that proves ownership or shows the chain of provenance. A person can buy an NFT that will let them into a metaverse/shared universe that a writer has created. Maaja encouraged us not to listen to fads, as eventually they will disappear. Instead, find where the value is, as that will be most beneficial in the long run.

The writing opportunities will come from the creation of communities, games, and various metaverses/shared worlds. Maaja introduced the group to Sitka World, a community of writers where the profits are split between writers and readers, so readers will help promote the work. In a shared universe, you might buy the NFT that gives you the right to write about a particular character. As a writer, you can also create your own world, though exploring an established one might be a good idea. Sitka World is a well-developed creation in a brand-new area.

Many of us have used AI editors like Grammarly and AutoCrit. They analyze texts and some will even learn a person’s writing style. Writers can use AI tools for prompts, inspiration, and to break writer’s block. AI writing apps can be especially helpful with content creation, and many of them have free trials you can play with. Don’t be afraid to discover what AI can do for you!

You can find Maaja at Free Stories – Maaja Wentz.

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