What Can You Do With a WCYR Grant? Plenty.

Here’s What Sandy Day Did

Thanks to the 2019 WCYR publishing grant, I am a satisfied user of BookCreative software. This software program allowed me to create a cover for my book of short stories, An Empty Nest. I particularly like BookCreative software because it is all set up to easily design a paperback book with a spine and back cover. I have found the software has drawbacks and quirks, but it is still preferable to paying designers.

The ability to create my own covers has saved me money and allowed me to control the entire design process. I’m not yet skilled in font and typeface enhancement, but I am learning. Searching for pictures to use on my book covers was completely absorbing. I left no stone unturned while browsing stock photo sites. When I found potential artwork or photos, I downloaded trial copies and fooled around with them in the free and easy artwork app, Canva, which is great for creating social media posts, and is also set up to make book covers. I solicited opinions from my street team, i.e. some friends and family I have recruited to help me with my stories and artwork, and once I’d finally decided, I downloaded artwork, paid for it, and then uploaded it to BookCreative. From there, the artwork creation was fairly straightforward. Edits are simple. BookCreative saves the file in a format that Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) requires. If you are self-publishing, KDP is essential for reaching all the Amazon markets.

Next year, I will be a judge of proposals for the 2020 WCYR grants. I look forward to reading all the creative requests that are sure to pour in. I am very grateful for this generous grant program. It is a wonderful benefit of belonging to the WCYR!

Find out more about what Sandy’s up to at her website, www.sandyday.com

Find out more about WCYR grants here.


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